Flitz - Starting From Scratch

Flitz International began in 1977 as a family-run company. President Ulrich Jentzsch, along with his father, mother, and wife Karen started the company with a vision to create premium metal polishing products that were high-performance and eco-safe. At first, Flitz was only sold at retail shows with a lot of time spent on the road demonstrating our products. That face-to-face interaction with customers and the bond it builds is something the company still employs and enjoys today. Eventually we made our products available through manufacturer representatives, opening the door to retail sales and driving consumer awareness.

Today, while the bulk of our sales are still business to business, we’re gratified that our retail division is enjoying significant growth as we expand our messaging through traditional and new media channels. At our core we are still very much a company that loves to demonstrate our product to ensure that consumers receive the best possible value from their purchase. Our thousands of five-star reviews are a crystal clear indication that our customers agree.