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There’s a lot we all take for granted in the world. We’re counting on trams, subway trains and buses to take us through our cities safely and sustainably. We trust water treatment facilities to supply us with fresh water, and the food industry to safeguard us from allergens and bacteria. We expect wind farms to keep our lights on, and cars to be electric. There are a million other everyday rotation needs to satisfy – and a planet to take care of. 

With expertise built on the development, design and manufacturing of bearings, seals and lubrication systems, combined with services within remanufacturing, condition monitoring and maintenance, we are enabling a world of reliable rotation. 

However, with the challenges of population growth, urbanization, digitalization, and environmental concern, we need to go beyond rotation as we known it for the past 115 years. Going even further. Setting new standards and creating partnerships to contribute to the development of clean technology solutions, improvements in energy efficiency, and the needed reduction of CO2 emissions across industries. 

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