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Cyclops-handle with 1/2"-Drive. Due to the fine toothing with 72 teeth is a low draw-back angle of 5°. The ratchet head is free moving and can be locked in any position through the slide the on both sides. Easy to use with a large hand free space is even in very narrow or difficult installation situations to be achieved. The defined fixing at 0°, 15° and 90° to the left and right, guarantees safe working without slipping of the creak heads. In the 0°-position is the ratchet with adapter and bit like a conventional screwdriver can be used. The rotor construction provides for the acceleration of the screw-process. The rotation symmetrical design of the Kraftform handle and the free-run sleeve support the rapid twirling. The outstandingly to the hand shape of the hand injuries, such as bladders and Schwielen Kraftform handle can be avoided. For the handle used hard materials guarantee quick grip without the danger of the "Festklebens" the skin on the handle. The softer, "non-slip" zones enable the loss-free transmission of high forces. For 1/2" square socket wrench inserts as well as 1/2"-connection parts with square drive, with ball locking.

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