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At Palumbo SY Chandlery & Showroom, we redefine your maritime journey with a commitment to unparalleled quality, a vast and diverse product inventory, and a dedicated support. 

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Welcome to Palumbo SY Chandlery & Showroom

your gateway to a world of nautical excellence in the heart of the Mediterranean.

With a legacy of seven shipyards nestled across the Mediterranean - in Malta, Marseille, Naples, Messina, Ancona, Savona, and Rijeka - Palumbo SY Refit, stands as a beacon of unparalleled yacht service.
What started as dedicated refit and repair facilities for yachts has expanded to encompass curated physical stores offering a range of products essential for yacht maintenance, technical apparel, water toys, and a carefully selected array of food and beverage items.

Join us in navigating the seas of premium quality, personalized service, and an online shopping experience that mirrors the splendor of your yacht lifestyle.

Our physical stores now extend their reach through an esteemed online presence, catering to the entire Mediterranean region. Our commitment to prompt deliveries is bolstered by an extensive real-time stock of products, ensuring timely supplies for your yacht's needs.

At Palumbo SY Chandlery & Showroom, we take pride in our dedicated customer assistance and the ability to tailor orders to your specific requirements. Our strength lies in providing not just products but an experience that speaks to the essence of yachting luxury.